I-Shaped Balance or Standing Split refers to a series of fan art and photographs depicting people or characters performing a vertical standing split, usually accompanied by the #I字バランス部 hashtag. In late September the trend became popular on Japanese Twitter through fan art and hentai parodies, spreading further in early October.


On September 25th, 2020, Japanese artist and Twitter user @arito_arayuru posted a fan art of a character performing a vertical standing split, with the post receiving over 1,800 retweets and 8,600 likes in two weeks (shown below, left). On the same day, artist and Twitter user @arito_arayuru retweeted the post.

Within two hours of the art being posted, @Ulrich_46 and @arito_arayuru pitched an idea for a fan art challenge based on images of characters performing a vertical standing split, with virtual YouTuber and Twitter user @momoge911 suggesting to use #I字バランス部 (jap. #I-ShapedBalanceClub) hashtag (conversation shown below, right).

13:21 ull うるりひ老師 @Ulrich_46·2020/09/25 股見せ開脚ストレッチしか勝たん 274 O 42 山 有都あらゆる 他人に要求できるようまずは自分たちで字バ ランスできるようにならないとな @arito_ar... 2020/09/25 ▼ 2 藤ます@Vtuberうさます @momoge911 返信先: @arito_arayuruさんと@Ulrich_46さん #字バランス部 とかどうですかね. 15:33 · 2020/09/25 · Twitter for iPhone 2件のリツイート 6件のいいね 有都あらゆる 返信先: @momoge911さんと@Ulrich_46さ @arito_ar... 2020/09/25 ▼ ん 柔らかそうな肉を描くベテランきたな 27 うるりひ老師 @UIrich_46·2020/09/25 EEt: @momoge911&hE @arito_arayuru さん 字バランス絵量産の流れ来たわね 返信をツイート Q Σ Text Font Screenshot

@Ultich_46: Only crotch-showing and open-leg stretch could crown with victory.
@arito_arayuru: We have to master the I-shaped balance before demanding it from others.
@momoge911: How about #I-ShapedBalanceClub…

Later on the same day, @Ulrich_46 uploaded an illustration of Granblue Fantasy character Claris doing the pose accompanied by the hashtag (tweet and image shown below). The post, the first instance within the trend, gained over 8,000 retweets and 38,000 likes in 10 days.

うるりひ老師 @Ulrich_46 団長と二人っきりのときに身体の柔らかさを見せてくれるクラリス ちゃん #字バランス部 Translate Tweet 1:52 AM - Sep 26, 2020 · Twitter Web App Cartoon Anime Cg artwork Cartoon Anime Cg artwork

Prior to the introduction of the hashtag, I-Shaped and Y-Shaped balancing poses (jap. I字バランス/Y字バランス) have been often been used in fan art and hentai by Japanese artists.


Starting on September 26th, 2020, artists on Twitter and Pixiv posted multiple viral fan arts based on the challenge. On that day, artists and Twitter users @Kaedeko111 and @GaRaSi888 made two of the earliest viral posts containing such artworks (shown below).

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Cartoon Anime Illustration Cartoon Muscle Leg Joint Anime Arm Pokémon Sword and Shield Pink Cartoon Illustration Cartoon Clothing Tights Leg Arm Anime Sportswear Thigh Latex clothing Black hair Mouth

The trend maintained significant popularity on Twitter and Pixiv in the following weeks, with both fan arts and photographs being posted by users.

Various Examples

Cartoon Anime Illustration Fictional character @Dgur Cartoon Illustration Cartoon Illustration Fictional character
Clothing Thigh Leg Stocking Lingerie Waist Abdomen Selfie Human leg OUCH Clip art Cartoon Yellow Supervillain Cartoon Fictional character Smile

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