How To Draw A Rose: A Step By Step Guide

This step by step guide on how to draw a rose is perfect for illustrators of all ability levels. We asked a professional artist to beat out the steps to creating a rose drawing for anyone. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking for tips on drawing one of Earth’s most beautiful flowers, the following instructions make it simple and easy. Use these directions to construct a digital rose, or a more traditional image with with pen and paper.

Finding inspiration for your rose drawing

1. Familiarize yourself by looking at a picture of a rose or a rose itself. Study the way the petals surround the bud and how they open up at the ends.

Drawing the rose blossom

2. Draw an oval that’s more narrow on the top. It should look like an egg and this will serve as your “skeleton.”

3. Next, draw a short curve at the very top of the “egg” that resembles a smile.

4. Draw another smaller upside-down curve within the eye-shaped space at the top of the egg.

5. Draw a spiral shape within the small eye-shaped space at the top of the egg.

6. Draw lines from the spiral shape starting at four distinct points that meet the smiley faced curve right beneath the spiral. These are your innermost petals.

7. Draw some heart-shaped petals bordering your innermost petals. Use your smiley-faced curve as the bottom of your heart and make it so that the two humps of your heart meet in a point at the top of the egg.

8. Draw two more petals, like a heart fully encircling the inner petals. Then add a line from the lefthand petal (the lefthand half of your wider heart) to the outer egg.

Drawing the rose blossom’s exterior petals

9. Draw the outermost back petal.

10. Then, add another petal, swooping the front of your egg and touching the wider heart at its bottom point.

11. Now draw the second back petal.

12. Draw the next petal that swoops down the front of the rose diagonally. Think of this as the v petal.

13. Complete the v by adding the petal which connects to it.

14. Feel free to add another petal peaking out the back. Nature is sometimes asymmetrical!

15. Clean things up by erasing the “skeleton” lines. Below is your image with skeleton lines.

Below is your image without skeleton lines.

Drawing the rose’s leaves and stem

16. Draw some leaves at the very bottom of your rose.

17. Connect your leaves with the bud that will eventually serve as your stem connector.

18. Here comes the stem! Draw an “S” shape and join it to your stem connector.

19. Then come the bottom of the stem, a very small oval (or egg).

20. Draw another s shape underneath the first one, connecting it to the other side of your tiny stem “egg.”

21. Let’s draw some more s shapes growing out of our stem for our leaves.

22. Draw heart-shaped leaves that connect to your s shapes.

23. I like to draw “ridges” on the outside of my rose petals.

24. Up next are the prickly thorns.

25. Clean up by erasing the “skeleton” lines on your stem/leaves.

26. Feel free to add some fun veiny leaf detail! This can add some more interest and texture to the rose.

Coloring your rose drawing

27. Finally, here comes the fun part. Color your rose! Add some shadow! And voila! You are done.

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