How To Draw A Dog: A Simple, Step By Step Guide For Everyone

If you’d like to know how to draw a dog, you’ve come to the right place. By following these step by step instructions outlined by a professional artist, you can create the dog drawing of your creative dreams. This guide will help you out, whether you’re drawing your first or fiftieth cut little (or big) dog!

1. First off, let’s look at a picture of a dog. For the sake of this tutorial, I have to selected a specific breed. I’m going with the French Bulldog because they’re silly and cute (and I can do whatever I want!).


2. Not to get all Rain Man on you, but if you really look closely, a dog’s body (or any kind of body for that matter) is just a bunch of different circles thrown together. So with that concept in mind, let’s begin.


3. Start off with drawing a circle. I squared mine a little bit since Bulldog heads are on the square side.

4. Next, let’s make the snout by drawing another, smaller circle within your larger heard circle.

5. Now we add in the snoot (that we will later boop).

6. Eyes are also circles. Who would have thought! Draw two on each side of your dog’s adorable face.

7. Next, add in those big ol’ ears just above each eye, on the sides of your dog’s face.

8. Now for the body. We’ll begin with the chest circle. Frenchies have quite the large chest.

9. Next, comes the pelvis/butt. Dogs usually have a larger chest and smaller ends so let’s make that butt circle smaller than our chest circle.

10. Now, connect the dots! Or, err, circles.

11. Next, we’re going to add four foot circles (aka paws)—two up front, and two in back.

12. Don’t forget to add those adorable little dog bean toes!

13. Now connect your foot circles to the torso.

14. The tail is next, and should be specific to the breed of dog you’re drawing so do a little research before you commit to a long or short, stubby tail.

15. Now add in the final exterior features of your dog. My dog is covered in rolls and wrinkles. I also added in some sharp nails to dig with.

16. I’m giving this dog a mouth to bark with!

17. Complete the exterior outline of the face.

18. And add in those face wrinkles if your dog’s got ’em.

19. This dog’s eyes are technically tucked back behind some snout wrinkles so I’m completing that shape now.

20. Add in some whiskers!

21. Does your dog have any spots? Blast those on now too.

22. Now erase/remove your “skeleton” lines! You know, all those pesky circles I just made you draw.

23. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can add some fur, texture or anything else to really make your dog pop.

24. Finally, let’s add some color. What a good boy! Snoot is now ready to boop.

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