Hidden Talent of Mine? Making Babies Laugh, also known as Guy Lunges at Camera, refers to a viral TikTok by user macpeepeepoopoo in which he tells that making babies laugh is his hidden talent, and then proceeds to repeatedly lunge at the screen while maintaining a frightening grimace. Following the viral spread of the video, it gained popularity in GIF captions and other memes.


On August 11th, 2020, TikTok user macpeepeepoopoo posted a humorous video in which he claimed that making babies laugh was his hidden talent, challenging parent users to duet with him. In the second part of the video, macpeepeepoopoo, with water splashed upon his face as to give him an unhealthy look, makes a frightening grimace and repeatedly lunges at the camera, as if to scare a baby who might be watching the video. The post received over 10.7 million views, 1.6 million likes and 125,200 shares in three months (shown below).

Hidden talent of mine? Making babies laugh. I never fail, so please, duet this with your baby, and I can make them laugh.

The same facial expression has been used by macpeepeepoopoo in a number of his other popular videos.


Starting on August 11th, 2020, the video gained popularity in duets on TikTok, with users showing the video to their children and younger siblings. For example, on that day, TikTok user yungleandad posted one of the earliest such duets, gaining over 227,800 likes in three months (shown below, left). On August 12th, TikTok user simbakamwendo made a post that received over 243,200 likes in the same period (shown below, center). A duet posted by user lolaspeaks_ on August 18th gained over 1.5 million likes (shown below, right).

On August 18th, TikTok user jazmine_allyse posted a duet with macpeepeepoopoo, with the video gaining over 823,600 likes in three months (shown below). On August 20th, Twitter user @jodecimob_ reposted the video, with the post gaining over 224,000 views, 4,300 retweets and 14,500 likes in three months. On the same day, Twitter account @WeiredestMp4s reposted the video, with the post gaining over 596,600 views, 10,200 retweets and 51,100 likes in three months. Also on the same day, YouTube user TORPE GAMING reuploaded the video, which garnered over 2.6 million views on YouTube in the same period.

Starting in mid-September 2020, the clip of macpeepeepoopoo lunging at camera gained popularity in GIF captions on iFunny (shown below, left). For example, a GIF caption posted by iFunny user nikolas on September 12th gained over 4,400 smiles in two months. A Kaiserchino meme posted by iFunny user Crawlz gained 880 smiles in the same period (shown below, right).

Kaiserchungus when cutiesccino lobster shotgun misses the truck Face Nose Eyebrow Head Forehead

In the following months, the GIF maintained moderate popularity on iFunny and Twitter, with a still image of macpeepeepoopoo’s face also being used in memes.

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Face Forehead Hair Cheek Eyebrow Nose Chin Head Hairstyle Jaw Lip Human What the fish at Walmart see whenever I come by Face Eyebrow Forehead Nose Head Selfie A taco bell employee giving me my order drenched in diablo sauce (I didn't order any) Face Eyebrow Nose Head Forehead BABIES STARING AT THE IPAD SCREEN AFTER THE 74TH CLICKBAIT TOY OPENING SPIDERMAN COCOMELON ASMR COMPILATIION VIDEO Face Nose Forehead Cheek Chin Head Internet meme Jaw Eyebrow Photo caption Skin Mouth Human Close-up Eye

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