The holiday season is upon us! While it might look a little different this year, especially since many of us aren’t going to be hosting or attending big in-person gatherings and celebrations, there are a few traditions that will definitely still be carried one. One of these is the work holiday party. Whether you’re working in-person or remotely, it’s likely that your crew will still have some kind of holiday celebration, and that celebration will probably require giving a co-worker a white elephant gift.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a white elephant gift refers to a present that is usually pretty unusual and impractical, but not something that can be easily thrown away. They’re popular gifts for work parties especially because you might not know the person you’re buying a gift for that well, and picking out a white elephant gift means you can get something truly off the wall and it will actually be okay.

And honestly, if ever there’s a year when it might be nice to receive a random but cool gift from someone you work with, it’s probably 2020. Amazon makes giving gifts easy, since you can have your order delivered right to the person it’s meant for. Here are 10 white elephant gift ideas from Amazon that are perfect for the holidays (and the coworker to gift them to).

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