As a man, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for selfies by the people I was in relationships with.

Maybe for a bit during the “honeymoon” phase of the relationships, but even then, I don’t really get that many selfie requests. I console myself with that fact by saying they’re saving all their love for me when they see me in person.

I notice that a lot of my female friends are constantly being asked for selfies. I love getting them too and ask my wife for pics whenever I’m away from her, and I’m not even talking about anything particularly scandalous either. I mean, those are great, but still.

Thing is, a lot of those selfie requests come at very inopportune times.

On a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Gwendoline Christie went into a hilarious story about being asked for a selfie by a fan when she was on a toilet, of all places.

Maybe the fan figured that when you’re as busy and have as packed of a schedule as Christie’s, that well, she needs to get her social interactions in while she can, so…well, just watch the clip.

OK, I don’t think any of us are that desperate for human interaction, and this is definitely a case of “selfies gone wrong.” I tried playing devil’s advocate for the eager Brienne fan, but you figure they could’ve at least waited until she was out of the bathroom before requesting a photo.

Plus, why would you want a selfie of someone on a toilet, anyway? 

Now there are times and places to take selfies, but there are some that are just big no-nos. Like a toilet stall selfie might not be as bad as this funeral selfie, but it’s still pretty terrible.

Car accidents are also pretty bad.

When a woman is about to give birth is probably a terrible idea, too.

Or using your selfie camera to make fun of a homeless person. Probably a bad idea.

Or striking a pose while someone close to you is dying in a hospital.

The duckface somehow makes it worse. Remember, selfie responsibly and when appropriate, people.

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