We all know parking lot etiquette: If a car is waiting for another person to pull out of a spot, you can’t just drive your car into the spot and “steal” that space.

Sure, technically the space doesn’t belong to the person waiting for it, but it’s common courtesy. Plus, I wouldn’t want to do that for fear of what the person would do to my car after I left it behind.

And Twitter user Lil Skitzz showed just what happens when you flagrantly disrespect the rules of the parking lot and you’re right outside of a store that sells massive quantities of toilet paper.

It all started when Skitzz and his pal were waiting for a spot at Walmart.

They couldn’t believe that the dude would just wait there, in his car, while they were clearly there first, waiting for someone else to leave a spot.

There he is. Just sitting there in his green CR-V, thinking he’s slick, about to steal someone else’s spot. Such despicable behavior. He probably only watches the beginning of Bambi when her mother dies.

Skitzz’s fears were confirmed when the guy swooped in and stole his spot. You always fear that something like this will happen to you, but really don’t believe that it could until it actually does. Sad. So very sad.

Skitzz rolled down his window to accost the man about his insidious behavior. The dude’s response? “Your name’s not on the f–king spot a–hole.” I know. This guy needs to pay. And pay big time.

The key to a good revenge plan is making sure the punishment fits the crime. It’s not like the guy broke his windshield or put sugar in his gas tank. So Skitzz couldn’t slash his car’s tires or set it on fire. That would be going too far. So he picked the perfect weapon for his revenge and it was right inside the Walmart they parked outside of.

Toilet paper.

He immediately went back to the parking lot to get to work, covering every inch of the dude’s light green crossover SUV with Charmin. At least Skitzz sprung for the good brand.

He had a good time doing it too, calling over people to come and admire his handy work. Some snapped photos and nodded their head when Skitzz informed them of the man’s crime.

Everyone pretty much agreed: If you steal another person’s parking spot, you definitely deserve to have your car wrapped in the very thing that was designed to wipe away people like you from existence.

After the deed was done, Skitzz ducked behind a car with his boy from a distance to record the dirty spot-stealer’s reaction. It was priceless.

The dude drops his bags, taking it what just happened to his ride. I’d like to think that in this moment, he’s re-evaluating his life choices. He has to know that at some level, what he did was absolutely wrong.

It’s at this point in the video that you get the full view of the “damage” that was done to the guy’s car. It’s completely covered in the toilet paper and you can tell that Skitzz took the time to roll the TP underneath and all around it.

It’s just delightful watching the guy struggle to get the toilet paper off. I just don’t know why he picked up his groceries to do so.

After having their fill of watching the dude deal with his TP-covered whip, they get into their car and roll by, screaming at him outside of the window that he got his just desserts. The guy takes a brief moment and realizes that they got the last laugh.

He tries to chase after Skitzz and his pal, but it’s too late. “Hey! Even though I was entirely wrong and a horrible human being for stealing your parking space, stop! I’m gonna bash you for this!”

His feckless attempt at grabbing onto the car fails and Skitzz and his pal peace out, leaving the sorry excuse for a human being behind to clean his toilet-paper covered car.

Watch the entire thing go down on Skitzz’s Twitter below — it’s just too good. Boy I love it when impolite jerks get their just dues.

Hopefully he’ll think twice before taking someone else’s spot again.

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