When Carlos Zetina thought he met the potential love of his life, a girl named Nicole from Holland, he went all out trying to find her. It’s easy to be cynical in this day and age, I mean just take look at The Predator remake, all that disappointment really infects other aspects of your life. 

That cynicism is especially true when it comes to dating — just go back and consider all the pieces of work (yourself included) that you’ve come across in your romantic misadventures.

But many of us still try and still get excited for that first date, even though we know it’s probably going to be a bust. Then, there are those “movie moments” where we meet someone we really felt like we had a connection with, which is probably what happened with our friend Carlos.


While at a bar, he met a woman named Nicole from Holland who was attending the University of Calgary on a student exchange program. She gave him her phone number, but it turned out to be the wrong one. Most people would’ve probably just assumed that the girl wasn’t really interested in talking to him, so they’d make a passive-aggressive self-pitying Facebook post and that would be that.

Not Carlos though. He was so smitten with Nicole that he searched for her online in the University of Calgary’s directory. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact Nicole (he didn’t know her last name), so he decided to send a mass email to 246 different Nicoles with the same message.


He obviously doesn’t know what BCC’ing someone is, or maybe he thought that these Nicoles would band together to help him find “the one that got away.”

Carlos was so conscientious in his email that he included pretty much every single Nicole variant he could think of: Nicky, Nicolette, and maybe a Nikola Tesla (wishful thinking, I know). His mass email started a bunch of jokes among the Nicoles, many of whom weren’t students but employees of the university and even associate deans.


Nicole Maseja, who works at the university, told BuzzFeed that she was confused to receive the email at first, but then started seeing all of the replies the Nicoles had sent to one another and the subsequent jokes that followed:

“Should we all say we’re the real Nicole?”

“Will the real Nicole please stand up?”

Getting a kick out of Carlos’ email and how they were all unknowingly thrust into an email chain, a lot of the Nicoles decided to make the most out of the situation and start a “Nicole from Last Night” friends’ group. 

Communications student Nicole Manaog also told BuzzFeed that she was in class when she received the email that left her scratching her head: She didn’t recall meeting a Carlos the night prior.


However, she ended up meeting up with and befriending a bunch of other Nicoles on campus. Thanks to Carlos, the University of Calgary now has a “Nicole Network.”

“Before this I didn’t really know any Nicoles, but when I met people yesterday, we’re all from different faculties, but we all have similar personalities and we all kind of clicked. We joked that we should have a Nicole network within the university,” Nicole said.


The best part of this story isn’t just that a bunch of Nicoles have found friends with other women who rock the same name, although that’s awesome. But what’s kind of cool is that, in a roundabout way, Carlos’ email actually worked.

The original Nicole that thought Nietzsche was depressing wasn’t on his email chain because she didn’t have an address there since she was an exchange student, so he totally failed there.


But once word got out that there was a dude who emailed every Nicole he could find on campus and it ended up creating a formidable network of Nicoles who became friends, it didn’t take long for the Nicole from Holland to find the Facebook group and eventually get back in touch with Carlos.

So just how did Carlos get a wrong number? It turns out that Holland-Nicole wasn’t trying to ditch him, but since she was fresh to Canada she didn’t know her new phone number and accidentally slipped him incorrect digits.


Don’t you just love a happy ending? Now Holland-Nicole and Carlos can pick up where they left off after their bar encounter, and a bunch of campus Nicoles can continue to grow their friendship group, something that Holland-Nicole hopes to become a part of.

This reminds me of another mass message attempt that had a totally different intention and outcome. Some dude on Tinder thought that he’d send the same message to 32 different women he matched with on the popular dating platform.


He must not know how group texts work and that other people could see the message he just sent out to a bunch of girls, at once, to see if he could finesse his way into getting laid.

Like the Nicoles, they had a sense of humor about the whole thing, but found it in ridiculing this dude for his unfortunate and unbelievably stupid error.


If you’re trying to play the numbers game, don’t make a mistake like Joshua here. Be more like Carlos, who was only concerned with talking to one of the Nicoles.

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