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Google Maps makes AR walking directions available to way more people


Google just made the AR walking directions it revealed earlier this year more widely available. 

The Google Maps feature, now called Live View, guides users with arrows and street names over their surroundings in real-time. Before, it was only available to Pixel owners and Local Guides who shared reviews and photos.

On Thursday, Google made the beta available to all iOS and Android users with phones that support augmented reality experiences — which is most semi-recent devices from major phone manufacturers. (Apple customers are good going back to the iPhone 6S.) 

The feature only works in locations where Street View is available. 

Don't get lost in Paris.

Don’t get lost in Paris.

The appeal for confused pedestrians is obvious. Instead of spinning around in Google Maps to see which direction you’re facing, you’ll be able to hold your phone up to get easy-to-understand directions.

As Mashable senior tech reporter Karissa Bell noted when she tested it out, the feature works so well because it doesn’t rely on GPS to give you directions. Instead, it uses your phone’s camera to identify where you are. 

Google unveiled Live View with a number of new travel features, including the ability to see whether a flight is more expensive than usual, and hotel and restaurant recommendations after you book your trip. 

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