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Golden Retriever Service Dog Freaks Out At Disney World When She’s Introduced To Chewbacca


Every dog does adorable things — but it’s rare for owners to catch cute moments on camera. That’s exactly how Irving Walker and Libbi Mattick felt about their golden retriever, Sparrow. Sparrow, a service dog, regularly does funny and sweet things, but Irving and Libbi had never captured her adorable moments on camera. That is, until they went to Disney World.

Irving and Libbi went on vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in April. They visited a number of the parks there, including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. While they were there, they also made sure to visit the new Star Wars part of the park.

Of course, Sparrow was with them for the entire vacation. Since she’s a service dog, she’s allowed to stay with her owners in the park. This is how Irving and Libbi captured an incredible moment between Sparrow and a Disney character.

While checking out the Star Wars attractions, Sparrow got the special opportunity to meet Chewbacca one on one. Needless to say, Sparrow was thrilled. As a service dog, Sparrow is supposed to ignore any and all distractions — but when her owners saw how excited she was about Chewbacca, they let her off duty.

Watch the video to see the moment Chewbacca met the adorable golden retriever! Needless to say, it’s a really cute video.

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