Sure, Chrissy Teigen may be the official queen of Twitter but it turns out, we’ve been saying her last name wrong this whole time. 

Yes, all of us. The Sports Illustrated model turned cookbook author shared the mind-blowing news on the social media platform — and we are all guilty of the pronunciation faux pas. 

“Well we pronounce @chrissyteigen’s name wrong all the time,” one follower tweeted before Chrissy confirmed the fact. 


“Word,” Chrissy wrote. “Gave up a long time ago. Last name is tie-gen not tee-gen.”

She continued, “I even correct people when they say it correctly. It’s all v effed up.”

Chrissy also made a video for fans, saying, “I’m tired of living this lie. It’s [Tie-gen]. Isn’t it mom?” Her mom agreed, adding, “Yup.”


TIE-GEN! How could we get it so wrong? And why did Chrissy give up so easily? We don’t know what’s real anymore. 

And we’re not alone. Even her biggest fans shared their shock at flubbing up their favorite celeb’s last name. 

When one follower called her out for pronuncing her own name wrong, she explained, “I don’t correct people, ever. They can call me Janet and I won’t. Wrong order? I’ll eat it. Taxi going to the wrong airport? I’ll change my flight.”

Another shared her disbelief writing, “HOLY S–T.  This is like how I spent the book years pronouncing Hermione’s name HER-ME-OWN until I heard it out loud.  I know you’re a real person but I’m not sure which I feel worse about.”

One fan even apologized on behalf of everyone: 


So, why is Teigen’s name pronounced [Tie-gen] and not [Tee-gen] like we all believe? Well, in German, ei is a diphthong and pronounced ay or ai. For example, think Eisenhower. 

This revelation came when it was shared that fans have been pronouncing Ariana Grande‘s last name wrong, too. 

Her last name is pronounced Gran-dee NOT Grawn-day, like the Starbucks size. WTF. This all came about when she was asked by radio personality Ebro Darden if she would be changing her last name to Davidson when she gets married. 


“I have to keep Grande because my grandpa — I think of him with everything I do and he was so proud of my name. I should keep it. Ima keep it,” she said before clarifying, “My grandparents said [Grandee]. My brother [Frankie Grande] kind of change it to [Grawnday] because [Grandee] was kind of like the Americanized version of it. I grew up saying [Grandee].”

Unlike Chrissy and Ariana, Barbra Streisand went all the way to Apple CEO Tim Cook to make sure her name was pronounced correctly — even by Siri. 

“She pronounces my name wrong,” Barbra said on the NPR music podcast. “Streisand with a soft S, like sand on the beach. I’ve been saying this for my whole career. And so what did I do? I called the head of Apple, Tim Cook, and he delightfully agreed to have Siri change the pronunciation of my name.” 

Lupita Nyong’o also made a video to nicely correct her fans. “How to pronounce my name. Thank you, @noaskye22 for this amazing idea. #AdviceTaken,” she captioned the clip. In case you’re wondering, it’s LOO-pita Nee-yong-OH. 


Celebs aren’t the only ones with hard-to-say names. Many took to Twitter to share their own pronunciation horror stories. 

“Lol I do the same thing! My name is pronounced Britt-any (like anything) but everyone say Britt-knee. And I’ve honestly given up and just started introducing myself as the latter,” one user explained. 

Another user named Kaily agreed, adding, “Same. My name is pronounced kale-ee but everyone pronounces it ky-lee don’t have time to argue.” 


Going forward, everyone should just have the phonetic spelling of their names in their Twitter bio. 

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