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First look at Lego ‘Stranger Things’ Barb minifigure revealed for SDCC



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Barbara Holland: Beloved daughter, classmate, friend, and Demogorgon victim ~ September 13, 1967 - November 8, 1983 ~
Barbara Holland: Beloved daughter, classmate, friend, and Demogorgon victim ~ September 13, 1967 – November 8, 1983 ~

Image: courtesy of lego

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It has been three years since Stranger Things gifted the world with wingwoman extraordinaire and almighty lover of statement bows Barbara Holland, known to her fans as simply “Barb”— only to then ruthlessly rip her away from us via Demogorgon attack just a few episodes into the series.

Thankfully, in the post-Stranger Things 3 world of Lego, Barb is still alive! And, presumably, continuing to pass shameless judgment on her crappy friend. (No, Lego Nancy. You’re bullshit.)

Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Lego’s Barb minifigure is the spitting image of actress Shannon Purser, complete with wavy ginger locks, strong brows, delicate freckles, thick-framed lenses, and that iconic blouse.

Look at this resurrected beauty.

Look at this resurrected beauty.

All sass and bold prints, mini-Barb is the 2019 Barb Nation fan gear we didn’t know we needed but are 100% sure we want. 

Yes, we’ve all got those pinned #JusticeForBarb tweets and enjoy a quick re-watch of the shuttering of Hawkins Labs in the finale of Season 2 from time to time. And again yes, we’ve been on Redbubble and seen (read: bought) all of those “Where’s Barb?” t-shirts.

But mini-Barb could fit inside your pocket. If that doesn’t scream “give it to me right now,” then what does?!



Image: courtesy of netflix and lego

So, how does one acquire a mini-Barb? 

Unlike the Upside Down Lego set, which includes minifigures of Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin, Joyce, Hopper, and the Demogorgon (plus a very cool model of the Byers’ house) for $199.99, mini-Barb will not be for sale

Instead, she will be exclusively available to SDCC-goers as part of a giveaway. Interested attendees can enter a “randomized instant-win drawing” on the Friday (7/19) of Comic-Con.

More details on the contest’s rules will be made available closer to the day, so folks looking to win big (small?) should keep an eye on Lego’s social media accounts over the next week, and be at the ready to toss their names in the ring. 

That being said, diehard Lego and Stranger Things fans should probably count on stopping by the toy manufacturer’s booth (#2829 in Hall D) regardless. If you do so happen to win a mini-Barb, the designer behind the little beauty will be available for signings Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30am. 

No word yet on whether IRL Barb will make an appearance at SDCC, but Purser did crash the Stranger Things panel in 2017. So, feel free to dream!

I love you, and I'll protect you forever.

I love you, and I’ll protect you forever.

Oh, mini-Barb. We love you already. Even if you are probably filled with slimy, disgusting, revolting, teeny tiny Lego slugs. (Can we at least buy those, Lego?)

Stranger Things 3 is now streaming on Netflix

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