This will be the final season of Modern Family — and after nearly 10 years, it was revealed that the Pritchett and Dunphy families will suffer a loss before the series finale. So, who is going to die on Modern Family? Well, for those who think the family dog will be the one “killed off,” think again. 

SPOILER ALERT: It’s going to be a major character who kicks the bucket, at least according to Jesse Tyler Ferguson. “It’s definitely a person, not the dog. I’ve been hearing rumors about the dog, it’s not the dog. It’s no animal, it’s a human being,”  Jesse, who plays Mitchell Pritchett, told E! News before jokingly adding, “I’ll just say I haven’t been at work in a few weeks. I’m just kidding. Or am I?” 

Co-creator Christopher Lloyd also confirmed the heartbreaking news, calling the death a “moving event — and an event that has repercussions across several episodes.” As expected, fans have come up with crazy theories of their own as to who will not live to see the end — and some of these predictions are pretty hard to ignore. 


DeDe Pritchett


Frank Dunphy


It’s probably not going to be Jay Pritchett…


Dylan Marshall


Pam Tucker

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