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Fans Are Saying Meghan Markle Wasn’t Allowed To Sit In Royal Wimbledon Box Because Of Her Outfit


Meghan Markle is catching flack for her outfit and being compared to Kate Middleton yet again!

Meghan has stayed mostly out of the public eye since giving birth to baby Archie in May. She has only made three appearances since then.

First, she showed up to Trooping the Colour to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, where fans speculate that she got into a tiff with Prince Harry.

Then she made a surprise appearance at a baseball game with Harry.

And most recently, Meghan showed up to support one of her closest friends, Serena Williams, at Wimbledon.

Interestingly enough, Meghan showed up two days after Kate Middleton went. That’s a notable departure from last year, when the two duchesses attended Wimbledon together.

They also had completely different vibes at the event. Kate wore a modest white dress and sat in the royal box, while Meghan wore jeans and a hat and did not sit in the royal box.

Of course, royal fans have a LOT to say on the subject.

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