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Famous YouTube Mom Apologizes After Deciding To Re-Home Her Adopted Son With Autism


YouTube star and influencer Myka Stauffer is known for her popular parenting videos. She and her husband, James, have four biological children and they live in Ohio.

A few years back, Myka and James wanted to adopt a child who was in need of love and care.

In 2017, they adopted Huxley, a baby boy from China. Huxley had a small brain tumor and other medical issues at birth, but the Stauffers felt prepared to bring him home after receiving their adoption certification.

Myka spent years publicly documenting Huxley’s adoption process. Once they brought him back home to the states, however, the couple says they learned Huxley was “profoundly developmentally delayed” and showed violent behavior around the house. After taking him to all sorts of doctors and specialists, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level 3.

Myka and James eventually made the decision to re-home 4-year-old Huxley, and place him into a family more equipped to care for him.

Since announcing the decision in May 2020, Myka’s social media following has taken a big hit; she’s lost tens of thousands of followers and has received criticism from people across the country.

Now, weeks after Myka shared the news on YouTube, she and her husband have taken to social media to speak out and address the rumors.

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