As the creator and original star of Broadway blockbuster Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a beloved celebrity, and he is also someone who makes hi personal life incredibly accessible to his fans. His Twitter account is like an open diary, and it’s generally as relatable as a mega-celebrity diary could possibly be. For instance, this past weekend was Miranda’s 20 year high school reunion. Like many people who are returning home to meet with all their old friends who helped form them as kids, he was kinda freaking out about it. 

Miranda shared a whole thread about the experience and how much anxiety he was having over seeing everybody again. He arrived a bit early with his wife, Vanessa, who is also an alum of the same school though she was a few years younger. Despite his nerves, Miranda took a moment to appreciate his wife looking fine for the big party.

He assumed that back in school, Vanessa had no idea who he was. But that proved to be a FALSE assumption on his part.

Anyway, he was freaking.

Fame has many blessings, but it can change things between you and the people you knew before the awards started flooding in. Miranda said he wasn’t sure how everyone he used to hang with would react to him, basically.

But it was no problem. Friends are friends. Some are tall. 

Though can you imagine getting shouted out as the women Miranda used to crush on in middle school?

Apparently, the school is familiar with fameā€”it was also the school for a Real World contestant, Irulan. Irulan brought some fun pics for the Miranda fans out there. Look at this cutie:

How about this: one of these women was Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first kiss. Famous!

The whole class got a shoutout!

But the big surprise of the night for Miranda was discovering how close he came to Vanessa during his school years. It turned out they both wrote for the school paper in the same issue and were printed on the same page.

Miranda’s column was about hip-hop, of course.

And then in Vanessa’s, she actually mentions her future husband by name:

It was meant to be:

The man finds the perfect narrative wherever he goes.

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