Elon Musk is always making headlines. Whether it’s for selling flamethrowers or dating Grimes, the man’s always in the news. He most recently however, started an internet kerfuffle for a brief, nine-word tweet. Tweets can have major implications on a company’s business, something that became very clear to those who trade and invest in Tesla stocks.

Elon Musk recently stated that he was considering taking the company private in a terse tweet that briefly ended with him saying that the “funding” has been “secured,” should he choose to do so.

And while many people were worried about the implications this would have on the future of the company, especially because all trading on Tesla stock halted after Elon’s tweet, most people were more concerned with the last two words of the futuristic mogul’s tweet.

Elon unknowingly (or maybe it was his intention all along?!) set off a hilarious new meme trend.

The idea of just telling the Twitter-sphere you’re considering doing something because you have the money for it opened up a smorgasbord of joke opportunities that resulted in some choice tweets.

Would you listen to this album? To be honest, I wouldn’t, which makes the whole thing even funnier.

Whether it was flexing about being able to eat a sandwich all by yourself.

Or staying in and having pizza by yourself.

People were coming up with super creative ways to let the rest of the internet know that they have money and are thinking about how to spend it.

Which included some business ventures of their own.

All right, some of them aren’t necessarily “business” ventures, per se.

Although I could see a lot of financial benefits to completely transforming yourself into a digital entity.

Some people’s bank accounts had to force them to alter the meme a little bit, just so there could be more truth to the joke.

Some brands even tried getting in on the fun. But I have to be honest, there aren’t many things that sound more unappealing to me than a Busch Latte.

Now, there were more than a couple of people who argued that Musk’s “funding secured” line on Twitter was a form of market manipulation, which is why trading of the company halted so abruptly.

It even devolved into a whole online debate as to whether or not Musk actually has access to the kind of money that would enable him to buy out all the remaining Tesla investors.

It basically boils down to whether or not Elon actually has “funding secured.” If he doesn’t, he could be in trouble.

Not only that, but it could potentially also set a dangerous precedent for other trading markets, with big personality CEOs and corporate leaders pulling bluffs and making bold claims to sway investors.

But let’s be honest, people lying in business is nothing new, and it could very well be that Musk, indeed, has funding secured, because Tesla’s a hot commodity and the most-talked about futuristic business on the planet.

Besides, there are memes to be discussed.

Whatever happens, I think the man with a net worth of $20.8 billion is going to be OK.

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