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Dr. Oz Says That Critics Shouldn’t Worry About Adele’s Weight Loss And Offers Great Diet Advice


The internet has been abuzz about the recent photos that surfaced of singer Adele. The 31-year-old has been spotted vacationing in Anguilla. Fans couldn’t help but noticed the slimmed-down star has lost even more weight. While some have celebrated her transformation, others are concerned that it’s too much and indicates an underlying issue.

Dr. Oz weighed in on Adele’s recent weight loss and assured fans there’s nothing to worry about. “I don’t think it’s okay to fat shame or thin shame anybody, so even though people aren’t quite sure what to do with the fact that she lost so much weight and looks so different, for Adele if you really care about her, it’s good news,” he explained.

Adele has reportedly lost the weight by following The Sirtfood Diet, eating things such as kale, strawberries, onion, soy, and walnuts that produce sirtuin proteins. It also allows for indulgences like red wine and dark chocolate.

“The Sirtfood diet that Adele uses has a system of twenty that’s a fabulously popular approach, but it’s coming down to the same basic ideas,” Dr. Oz explains. “Make yourself a list of foods you absolutely adore that happen to be good for you. They’re nutrient-rich, but not a lot of calories and they allow you to get through your day without feeling like it’s a struggle.”

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