To my favorite people in the world, the memers, Donald Trump probably didn’t use a green screen for that White House lawn video he posted yesterday. Please, if any memers need to grab a glass of water for those hard to swallow the time.

Yesterday, the president posted a video shot from the White House lawn, in which he plugged Regeneron, the “antibody cocktail” doctors prescribed the President for COVID-19. In the video, President Trump promises to disseminate the drug for free to seniors and claims, without evidence, that the drug is a “cure” for the virus.

However, the content of the video took a backseat to its look. Many online believe that the video was shot in front of a green screen. This plays into theories that the President’s health is worse than he says.

Some put this theory into practice, replacing the background of the video with various locations. For example, Media Matters Editor-in-chief Parker Molloy turned the video in an ad for a used car dealership.

Unfortunately for Trump critics, it looks like this one was shot on location. In a thread on Twitter, Dylan Reeve took the site to film school. He explains, “The background ISN’T looping – here is a gif of the first frame and last frame – look at the shadow of the columns in the background.”

Still, just because the video wasn’t green-screened, that doesn’t mean you can’t meme it. Go on, be our guest.