Despite reports that Donald Trump Jr. found his COVID-stricken father’s motorcade behavior to be “crazy,” it appears that he’s onboard with his dad mercilessly shutting down stimulus talks. That move occurred a day after the president — who was pumped full of steroids (dexamethasone) to treat the virus — unloaded a deluge of all-caps tweets that caused “ROID RAGE” to trend. With the president literally tweeting on steroids, it was no leap of logic to guess that he was feeling side effects, which is a dangerous thing for someone who’s leading a pandemic response.

Don Jr., however, brushed off a “roid rage” question from Steve Doocy. He did not deny the roid rage, of course, he simply defended his dad by accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who he’d already tweeted about while saying that she didn’t care about the American people) of having “substance issues.”

“Nancy has her own substance issues according to the press and according to the media,” Don Jr. declared. “I won’t get into that. It’s obviously nonsense. The reality is this: Nancy Pelosi was trying to stack literally, probably a trillion dollars of excess nonsense to bailout Democrat cities… as part of that package while the American taxpayer gets to foot the bill for her radical agenda.”

Well, it looks like Don Jr. is gonna ride this train after all. After his Fox & Friends visit, the president’s eldest son popped back to Twitter with this strange campaign video, which directs people to the “Hunt The Vote” website. According to Jr., Trump “has done more for the American Outdoorsmen than any President since Roosevelt.”

It feels like a good time to revisit that Meditative Hunter photo. What a long four years this has been.