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‘Do I Need To Wash My Food With Bleach?’ And 4 Other Grocery Questions We’re Asking These Days


Grocery shopping is a bit of a minefield these days, as we are all trying to keep ourselves and others in our communities, markets, and stores super safe and healthy. As such, there’s a lot of information out there that is helpful, and a lot that is not. It makes sense that a lot of us have grocery questions right now.

It seems like the more information that’s published about groceries, the more questions that come up. Lately, a lot of people are talking about whether or not bleaching your groceries before eating them is an appropriate step to take.

The idea began making waves after a video was published in a recent California Today newsletter. The newsletter is produced by the New York Times. In the video, a food safety expert says that Californians should “shelter in place” and consider sanitizing their groceries before they put them away at home.

But not so fast, say other experts. While it is often wise to clean off some food that you eat, particularly fruits and vegetables, warm water is probably still totally sufficient.

This isn’t the only grocery-related question people are asking these days. Here are questions we’re all wondering, and answers from around the globe.

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