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#DnDSelfie is a hashtag used to a catalogue selfies of fans of the fantasy role-playing board game Dungeons and Dragons. The trend was started following a Saturday Night Live sketch that characterized fans of the games as stereotypical “nerds,” and the photos are used to refute this representation.


On April 6th, 2019, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch in which a group of design employees lobby for an “Employee of the Month” award by using techniques and references to fantasy board games such as Dungeons and Dragons (clip below). The sketch featured numerous stereotypes associated with Dungeons and Dragons fans, characterizing them as “nerds.”

Following the post, Twitter user @nicterhorst tweeted a selfie with the caption, “Seeing that SNL D&D skit was painful so let’s post some 🔥 selfies to remind folks that D&D doesn’t look like pocket protector clad nerds from the 80s. We’re out here being nerds now and our brand of socially awkward is frankly much more entertaining (bonus points for dice pics).” They continued the thread, “I’m bad at being pithy, so in lieu of a hashtag please feel free to start a thread of selfies and your fav dice because I live for both anyway. Get in here with #DnDSelfie let’s GO.” The initial post received more than 690 retweets and 2,000 likes in 24 hours (shown below).


Following the post, others began sharing selfies of themselves, highlighting their enjoyment of the game. These pictures, for the most part, featured images of the players and elements from the game, such as dice (shown below).

That day, Twitter published a Moments page on the hashtag.

Big mood #DnDSelfie #ActualNerd #DnD #dnd5e 0 az CAMP 12:59 PM-8 Apr 2019 from Toronto, Ontario This is cute y'all are cute #dndselfie #actualnerd #SNL rv 12 12:59 PM-8 Apr 2019 #DnDSelfie yes-I probably have too many #Dice and yes-I will probably keep buying more) 00 4 20 20 20 20 20 e/ "20 8 8 20 "20 Cv 8 è 20 20° 20 3:32 PM - 8 Apr 2019

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Hi I'm @KrystinaArielle your friendly neighborhood aasimar, cleric, bard from @Sirens-Show. I play #dnd and I am grateful for the friendships and joy this game and community have brought to my life. We're geeks, we're here, get used to it. #DnDSelfie DUNGEONS 3:51 PM - 8 Apr 2019 from Montebello, CA Apparently #DnDSelfie is a thing Had to take 4 separate ones to nearly get everything in 3:46 PM -8 Apr 2019 from Dorking, South East Havent you heard? EVERYONE is playing D&D now. #DnDSelfie GICA ラ 10:31 AM-8 Apr 2019
You're looking at the face of a budding dungeon master and level 4 Druid. There's more than one mold that makes a D&D player. #DnDSelfie 2:12 PM -8 Apr 2019 Been a while since I played but just for you here's my dice which I love and am proud of how on-brand they arevo ol 15 1:15 PM-8 Apr 2019 #DnDSelfie because D&D girls can be spicy, smart, and strong too and hell yeah we can be imaginative. Trust me that's not a bad thing. ë S Nerd girls are the best girls. Shove your stereotype. Mornin Darlin 3:37 PM - 8 Apr 2019

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