Stock photos are truly the gift that keeps on giving. They’re a special art, and the photographers and their subjects deserve awards for illustrating our lives—and keeping us amused. Remember the far-flung days of 2017, when a stock photo was turned into the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme?

It all seems so long ago, but looking at Distracted Boyfriend and his poor girlfriend’s disgusted face still makes me laugh.

A photo can tell a story, but the story of that particular woman could actually be told through many photos. She is prominently featured in a number of stock photo banks, as any blogger can tell you.

Writer Ernie Smith decided to assembled disgusted girlfriend’s stock images for the amusement of his Twitter followers, offering some insight into what her life is like when she’s not being blown off by some guy.

She apparently has a SHOCKING relationship to screens:

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a screen that way, even when shocked to my very core. But that’s okay, because she’s found lots of other people who do:

Though she still manages to be plenty shocked on her own:

Outdoors, indoors, everything is shocking!

She’s never not surprised by everything screens have to offer:

And some sheets of paper:

People are enjoying this development in Distracted Boyfriend Girlfriend’s life. With what she has to put up with dating him, she deserves something exciting out of life.

And this new info has been memed, of course:

So, what is she so shocked about?

I’d be shocked to find out I was memed two summers in a row, too.

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