Republican politicians who helped stoke last week’s failed MAGA coup may be trying to return to normal, but it’s clear that’s not happening. There continue to be impassioned calls for congresspeople like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan and more to resign — or, failing that, be expelled. (Or at least return their Hallmark dough.) And now they can add this to their list of worries: Disney has joined the growing list of companies who now refuse to make political contributions to those who spread cries of baseless voter fraud and whipped up Trump supporters into a violent and deadly mob.

This comes from Bloomberg, who reports that the planet’s largest entertainment company will not be giving money to any of the many lawmakers who voted to reject last week’s certification of the Electoral College votes. They join Wal-Mart, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Coca-Cola Co., General Motors Co., and more.

“The insurrection at our nation’s Capitol was a direct assault on one of our country’s most revered tenets: the peaceful transition of power,” Disney saidin a released statement. “In the immediate aftermath of that appalling siege, members of Congress had an opportunity to unite — an opportunity that some sadly refused to embrace.”

But there’s more. Journalist Judd Legum dug up some intel on the public record, namely that last year Disney donated money to Senator Rick Scott, who voted against the certification, as well as Hawley, who, along with Ted Cruz, has become something like the public face of the disgraced band of congress people. Hawley also lost a book deal due to his involvement in the failed coup, then got trashed after trying to make himself the victim of all that’s transpired. Then again, unlike Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, at least he didn’t get compared to MTV’s most notoriously dumb duo.

(Via Bloomberg)