There’s no rhyme or reason for how some people become e-celebrities, but for Claudia Conway, daughter of conservative figure and former counselor to Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway, it’s clear why people are interested in her. 

And now she’s seemingly auditioning for American Idol.

What do you think of Claudia Conway singing for ‘American Idol’?

The teenager first started making headlines after her TikTok account went viral and followers were intrigued by the fact that she had expressed political ideologies that differed greatly from her mother’s own publicly expressed viewpoints. 

She was vocally critical of President Donald Trump on several occasions, and it didn’t take long for those who were equally critical of the businessman turned Commander-in-Chief to share Claudia’s social media posts.

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Source: Instagram

In an attempt to gain even more exposure and pushing her social media reputation even further while capitalizing on her mother’s name, Claudia’s taking her singing talents to American Idol.

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Oh, you didn’t know that Claudia’s into crooning? She’s posted a few clips on her TikTok page where she rattles off some quick covers of popular songs in an attempt to showcase her vocal talents.

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While visiting the American Idol audition room, she posted a clip for her TikTok followers, stating that while she’s nervous, she’s really excited to sing in front of the show’s judges. She didn’t post her official audition (duh) as that’ll be part of the show when it airs — the new season is expected to premiere sometime in mid-February or early March 2021. 

Claudia will likely be auditioning for returning judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. 

Until then you can check out more of her vocal talents on her TikTok account, like this duet piece she posted in October 2020. 

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Or you can check out some of her more politically-themed TikTok videos where she really doesn’t hold back on her opinions on Donald Trump and her family’s affiliation with #45.

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