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Detectives Go To Woman’s Home For Property Inspection, But Are Stunned To Find 130 Abused Dogs


Every dog deserves a loving home, but unfortunately many are not treated properly by their owners. Animal abuse and neglect is rampant, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to know that these sweet pets don’t have caring families.

In New Jersey, a tragic case of animal abuse left over a hundred dogs living in horrible conditions.

Detectives and Burlington County Health Department officials went to a woman’s house for a property inspection, but what they found left them in shock. The woman had at least 130 dogs locked up on her property.

In addition to the living dogs, detectives also found 44 deceased dogs. The officials attending to the scene were left “dizzy and nauseous” because of the smell of the animal feces and ammonia.

New Jersey State Police Col. Patrick Callahan made a statement about the situation, in which he said, “The deplorable and inhumane living conditions the rescued dogs were forced to endure is tragic. Troopers take an oath to protect and safeguard life, including the lives and well-being of pets, which can be vulnerable to abuse.”

All of the dogs were removed from the woman’s property. There were four dogs in critical condition — they were rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic. The rest of the dogs were treated by Burlington County Animal Shelter vets.

Burlington County prosecutor Scott Coffina charged Donna Roberts, 65, with animal cruelty.

Amazingly, a few weeks after the dogs were rescued, they had all found either permanent or temporary homes.

Watch the video to find out more about these sweet rescued dogs.

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