The New Jersey native also told ET he’s proud of his performance on Buddy vs. Christmas.

“I remember finishing filming that show, coming home to my wife, and saying, ‘Lisa, these were like some of the best cakes I ever did in my life. … The show went so well,’” he said. “I mean, we did a gingerbread house that for me, goes on the top five achievements of anything that I’ve done with me and my team.”

He went on: “And, you know, a week after we wrap, this happens to my hand, and I remember laying in the hospital by myself, saying, ‘Man, is that gonna be the last cakes that I ever made?’ Like, to that level, right? And, you know, I’m just so glad that I did it, and I’m so glad that it came out the way that it did from the cake standpoint. … I think that we did some some amazing cakes.”

Buddy vs. Christmas premieres tonight, Sunday, Nov. 22, at 10 p.m. EST on Food Network.

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