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Dax Shepard Explains How His And Kristen Bell’s Upbringings Keep Their Kids ‘Balanced’


Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are one of the most grounded, down-to-earth couples in Hollywood, and thanks to their different upbringings, they’re hoping their kids turn out to be just like them!

Entertainment Tonight reporter Ben Aaron caught up with Dax on the red carpet to talk about his new sitcom, Bless This Mess, which is about a couple who quit their jobs and leave the big city to become farmers in a small town. Naturally, problems arise when the pair realize they literally know nothing about agriculture, farm life, repairing an old house — you name it, they don’t really know how to do it.

However, Dax revealed that he is absolutely nothing like his character — something he attributes to his grounded upbringing.

“Are you a country guy, can you handle the country life as Dax?” Aaron asked Dax.

“Yes. I think I’m a proper hillbilly,” he responded. “My character doesn’t know how to do anything, which is a real blow to my ego — to have to play someone so inept to all things. I know how to fix a roof, I know how to work on a car, but my character doesn’t do any of that.”

When asked who is more outdoorsy, him or Kristen, Dax replied, “Oh, me. Me, me, me. She grew up in the city. She has other strengths. She knows a lot more about Broadway than I do. She knows about singing, she can teach our children music. I don’t know anything about that.”

To hear what else Dax had to say about parenting, check out the video below.

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