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Dawsyn on ‘Doubling Down With the Derricos’: The Triplet With VSD


Those who have recently become hooked to TLC’s Doubling Down With the Derricos have likely been on the edge of their seats as they watched Karen Derrico deliver her triplets via C-section. The babies came early and shortly after they were born, it was revealed that Dawsyn had a congenital heart condition — and would soon need open heart surgery. Naturally, the top question on fans’ minds has been: Is Dawsyn OK? Does she make it through surgery?

Dawsyn Derrico was born with a heart condition called VSD.

On July 6, 2019, Karen delivered triplets via C-section: two girls, Dawsyn and De’Aren; and one boy, Dyver. The triplets were premature, but it appeared they were all born healthy — at least at first.

“Our reality is one of our babies is not OK. Baby Dawsyn has an issue with her heart and she’s going to need surgery,” Deon explained on the TLC series. “This is all taking me back to the heart-wrench pain of losing my son, Carter.”

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Before Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver, Karen was pregnant with her first set of triplets. Tragically, one of those babies, Carter, died shortly after birth. Deon and Karen now refer to the two surviving babies from that pregnancy — Diez and Dior — as “triplins” to honor the brother they lost.

In Episode 3, Karen was discharged from the hospital one week after delivering her triplets — but she had to leave her three premature babies behind in the NICU. 

“I’m freaked out because our baby girl, Dawsyn, has to have open heart surgery due to VSD, which is ventricular septal defect,” Karen said. “It’s a hole in the heart.”

The mom of 14 went on to explain that Dawsyn would need two surgeries total. For the first one, a stent would be placed as a temporary fix to prepare for the second surgery, during which the hole in Dawsyn’s heart would be repaired.

Source: TLC

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