Like so many couples planning to tie the knot this year, Nikki Bensen and Ben Covell found their plans seriously disrupted.

The Pennsylvania couple planned on getting married in September. As the health crisis unfolded over the summer, they realized it was unlikely they could go through with things as planned.

The two ended up exchanging vows in a much smaller wedding. With their honeymoon in Greece also canceled, the couple decided to make the best of things.

Ben knew Nikki was really excited about her wedding dress. He still wanted her to have unforgettable memories in the dress. That’s when he shared his idea with her.

The couple rented an RV to drive out West. They brought their wedding attire with them with a fun goal. They wanted to get pictures in some of the most beautiful places along the way.

“I wanted her to be able to [enjoy it]. I knew she wanted to show off her dress to me and I knew that Greece and our Asheville wedding weren’t going to happen,” Ben told KDKA.

“I thought, ‘What a better way to do it than to take it out to some of the most beautiful places in the country?’”

The pictures that resulted from their trip are truly breathtaking. The trip is a memory that the two will never forget. Nikki and Ben also shared a message for other couples who have had their wedding plans disrupted.

“Stay positive and stay flexible,” Nikki said. “There’s always another option to help make the best out of things.”

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