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Claudia Conway Shuts Down OnlyFans Speculation on TikTok


Claudia Conway, daughter of the infamous Kellyanne Conway, shut down a commenter on TikTok who questioned if she had an OnlyFans account. She responded by reminding them that she’s still underage.

“Onlyfans?” the commenter questioned.

Claudia doesn’t explicitly reply to the question in her comments section, but instead, she makes a whole video to address it. In the video, she uses audio in which the person speaking says: “It is a great day to be a minor. Youth—youthful. A child. 17. 17-years-old, I am in high school.”

The video now has over 100,000 views.

The 15-year-old expertly reminded the user, and her 763,000 followers, that she is still not of age to join the subscription-based service, in which creators charge fans a monthly fee to access exclusive content. While most OnlyFans content is X-rated, explicit content, there are many public figures who join to provide their fans with safe-for-work content.

Conway began making waves on social media after being vocal about her distaste for President Donald Trump, who employed her mother, Kellyanne, as a counselor to the president. The teen surprised the internet when she called Trump out despite her mother working very closely with the president, telling Insider in June that all of her family members are Trump supporters except for her and her father, George Conway.

“I grew up in a very, very conservative family, so I was only exposed to those views for a very long time,” she said in her interview with Insider

Both of her parents made national headlines last week after they each decided to step down from their careers to “devote more time to family matters.” Kellyanne left the White House, and George is no longer a part of the Lincoln Project—an anti-Trump Republican group.

Although she doesn’t see eye to eye with her mother, she told Insider that her mom is her best friend. “My mom is my best friend but we do fight all the time over politics, and I’m always shut down by my entire family,” she said at the time.

With that, she tweeted that she is officially pushing for emancipation on Aug. 22. “I’m officially pushing for emancipation. Buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. Welcome to my life.”

*First Published: Sep 3, 2020, 6:16 pm

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