Claudia Conway, enfant terrible of the Trump administration, caused more headaches for her parents and a beleaguered White House last night, refuting reports that President Donald Trump’s health was improving. Trump, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, left the hospital last night, returning to the White House for a helicopter video shoot that showed the president in good health. However, the 15-year-old daughter of prominent public Republicans former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and Trump critic George Conway, Claudia wrote on TikTok that he is doing “badly” and doctors are doing their best to “stabilize” him.

Through her TikTok account, Claudia established a following eager to hear inside information about the president’s condition. Opposed to her parents’ politics, Claudia went viral several times over the past few months with critiques of the president and, more recently, breaking news about the White House staff’s health, namely her mother, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday.

Last night, Claudia went viral again with her rebuttal of the president’s grandstanding videos, which frame him as having defeated the virus four days after entering the hospital for treatment. Screenshots tweeted by Twitter user @SailorZZtar show Claudia saying, “Guys, he’s not doing ‘better’ lmao” and “He is so ridiculous. Apparently, he is doing very badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him.”

Millions of viewers flocked to Claudia’s TikTok over the weekend as she broke the news that her mother also contracted the coronavirus. She later recounted the statement in a TikTok video in which Kellyanne can be heard forcing the retraction.

Online, people see Claudia as a whistleblower into an administration in turmoil amid the outbreak of coronavirus. Understandably, her Republican parents are none too pleased. Kellyanne cautioned followers not to take her words too seriously, saying that she’s speculating, as many others do.

Still, videos of Claudia’s arguments with her parents over her account’s content continue to spread. Overnight, TikToker @cqstchic posted a series of videos shot by Claudia that do not appear on her public account, showing the moments surrounding her retraction.