When I was growing up, the thing I was most afraid of in school was a bad report card.

Now, disturbingly, children have to worry about getting shot while practicing cursive.

So much so that there are some school districts selling children bulletproof backpacks in the event of an armed shooter.

There’s also talks of arming teachers with guns, which is a terrible idea, in my opinion. I mean, there aren’t even enough people in the U.S. who can teach us math and science effectively, now we expect them to have weapons training? Let them focus on making sure we’re not morons first, maybe?

No matter how hard-hearted you are though, whenever it comes to children having to face the harsh realities of the “adult” world, it has to shake you up a little bit. Which is probably why so many people are freaking out over this classroom’s “Twinkle Twinkle” song that’s been modified to teach kids how to respond to an active shooter.

Lockdown, lockdown

Lock the door.

Shut the lights off

Say no more.

Go behind the desk and hide.

Wait until it’s safe inside.

Lockdown, lockdown

it’s all done.

Now it’s time to have

some fun!

People were obviously horrified by the reality that we’re facing.

Even Dictionary.com commented on the madness. And it’s a Twitter account repping a repository of words.

Politicians were blown away by the song lyrics that were hanging in the Massachusetts classroom. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo pointed out that this sad sign is a reality engendered by NRA-favored policies and the lack of effective gun control laws in America.

People are pointing out that the song itself isn’t the issue.

Sadly, it’s a “sign of the times,” but why are these “times” the way they are now? Humans don’t just change out of nowhere, unless it’s a reaction to laws that have allowed certain social practices to continue.

It isn’t the song that’s the problem: the fact that it needs to be put up in the first place, is.

Parents don’t want to imagine ever having to hear their own child sing that song – or having to teach them it.

And it has many wondering whether or not they feel safe raising their children in America anymore.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway are all investing heavily in its children. For example, Denmark offers parents, both mothers and fathers, 23 weeks of parental leave when they have a new baby.

The country also has the 3rd best ranked education system in the world, and not only is college free, but some students are paid to take classes.

Norway rates extremely high in human development, and a lot of that starts in early classroom environments. There’s a 9:1 average student:teacher ratio in the country, parents receive generous paid-leave times to bond with their children, and the nation’s “inclusive” structure to education doesn’t have grade levels. Just learning. There’s a national curriculum that teachers are allowed to interpret and apply to their pupils.

Another added benefit kids can enjoy in these countries? Not getting shot while they’re learning their multiplication tables.

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