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Church Leader Follows Teen Into Bathroom, Berates Her For Being ‘Too Chubby’ To Wear Shorts


Never in her wildest dreams did this 19-year-old think something like this would happen to her anywhere, let alone at church.

Jenna went to the restroom during a service in Swansboro, North Carolina when a female church leader followed her in. The woman suddenly began berating Jenna over her outfit: a pair of regular denim shorts.

In a disturbing video captured by Jenna on her cell phone, the church member told her she was “too chubby” to wear the shorts and instructed her not to sing in front of the pews with the rest of the church singers.

The woman was treating Jenna with such relentless judgement that she ended up sobbing through her words, begging her to just leave her alone.

Jenna went home that day humiliated and infuriated, and posted the shocking clip to Twitter.

She bravely revealed that the encounter could have had a much darker ending had it happened at a more vulnerable time in her life. “If she would have said that to me two years ago when I was in therapy for suicide… I honestly don’t think I would be here today…” Jenna wrote. “I suffer with depression, anxiety, and ADD, and I can be very impulsive but what she did was straight-up rude.”

Jenna says she no longer wants to go back to that same church… but now she has a ton of support behind her.

Since her story went viral with millions of views, the church has responded.

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/church-leader-body-shames-teen/