I’ll be honest with you—although soccer’s one of the most thrilling sports to watch, and I’m genuinely invested even in club games whenever I happen upon one, I’m only ever really interested or go out of my way to watch it when the World Cup’s on. This is clearly evidenced by my Google search history being filled with “How To Watch World Cup” every four summers.

I bought a TV package specifically to watch the games this year, and I’m cancelling it the second they’re over, but there really is nothing like watching nationalistic rivalries play themselves out on a field somewhere, with a bunch of men kicking at a ball.

I can’t think of a single sport, except for maybe hockey, where a point scored is so darn exciting.

Now, I have to admit that because I watch soccer (football, hurr durr uncultured American here) so intermittently, I become unfamiliar with the rules rather quickly. It takes me a few plays to realize when someone is offsides or when the ref is just being a biased bum.

It’s not uncommon for people to get wrapped up in World Cup fever without understanding the game—just take Chrissy Teigen. 

To her credit, she’s at least been willing to admit she has no idea what the game is all about.

This didn’t bode too well for the TV personality, who was planning to host a brunch with themed cuisine based on the countries that [she thought] were playing.

And turned out to be a problem once she realized she didn’t have a firm grasp on what was actually going on in the games.

Or….who was playing in the first place.

Once people began trying to clarify which two teams were playing in the final, Teigen was still at a loss.

She wanted to know what Belgium was up to all of a sudden, especially because she planned on Belgian cuisine.

Unfortunately for Teigen, she didn’t hear that France eliminated Belgium from the Cup after the red-jersey sporting squad couldn’t penetrate their European neighbor’s tough defense.

Which meant that a delicious menu item was going out the window as a result.

Hope none of her guests were counting on waffles.

Since Teigen asked for Croatian food recommendations, people were happy to oblige her with probably the greatest piece of cuisine that Eastern Europe has to offer.

If you’ve never had a burek, know that the come in many different shapes, forms, sizes, and fillings, but they’re absolutely delicious culinary concoctions that primarily feature layers of filo dough with a meat or cheese or tomato or feta cheese or spinach, or any type of filling, really. Depends on the region, but my god are they amazing. They taste best with a kefir milk drink.

Someone then dropped the cevapi tip, which is an important one.

I mean, just look at this and tell me your tummy isn’t rumbling. The way these little kebabs are cooked are undeniably Balkan and oh so delicious.

Croatians kept offering up stellar cuisine ideas to Teigen.

And personally, I’m thankful that they did. It’s rekindled my love for the Balkan deliciousness I grew up eating. I think I’m gonna host a World Cup party of my own now, just for the food!

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