After Spongebob Squarepants, the Internet’s favorite cartoon meme is Arthur, who appeared in a show of the same name on PBS. Arthur is an aardvark and he is extremely wholesome! Until the Internet got a hold of him.

As always, the Internet quickly perverted Arthur to their own ends, mostly by focusing on how that aardvark expresses anger: by clenching his fist.

That one fist does say so much, for so many people.

But there’s a whole Arthur universe, and things quickly spun out from there:

Things got naughty very quickly, and one person to take notice was Chrissy Teigen, who seemed confused, but not mad about it:

It’s been a couple years, which is like a century in meme-time. Arthur memes are old news, but Teigen has made them fresh again.

Twitter user @sowahblanket posted a side-by-side image of John Legend, Teigen’s husband, with Arthur the aardvark, remarking that they kind of look alike. And…they do?! WTF?

The comparison got back to Teigen, and she freaking loves it. Legend doesn’t.

She keeps trolling him with images of Arthur, like in this Instagram pic of their daughter Luna, captioned, “Luna and Daddy.” Look who Luna is holding:

Then Teigen posted this image by an artist named Deen Ally, who created a terrifying mix of Legend and Arthur for us all to laugh at:

Chrissy Teigen, queen of trolls.

It’s clearly getting to John Legend, because he commented on the picture “Enough is enough,” as captured by Instagram account Comments By Celebs:

Even John Mayer is dunking on him:

In her defense, Teigen also makes unflattering cartoon comparisons to herself:

And it also seems like he is coming around. Looking at the special stuffed toy that made an appearance on his Instagram account:

He captioned it, “Luna and Grandpa (and a stuffed animal whose name we shall not speak).”

*clenches fist*

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