Chrissy Teigen just had her second child, but it wasn’t all red carpet belly-holding and perfect makeup. Pregnancy gets exhausting, and the last few months are rough. But at least Teigen is honest about that:

Very, very honest, as her “Met gala” pic showed. That’s a lot of baby to carry around inside:

Not that she’s ever been shy about sharing her body:

She’s so luminous, even when she’s sick of being pregnant!

But finally the day came when Chrissy Teigen was no longer pregnant, she was a woman with two kids:

Here he is, Miles Theodore Stephens:

And he looks like Luna, according to Teigen, who would know:

Having a newborn hasn’t kept Teigen off Twitter, thankfully. She was ready to post about the, um, pains of childbirth almost immediately afterward, writing that Miles caused her a bit less trauma than Luna:

Other mother’s agree that getting ripped “to your butthole” is the part of childbearing we don’t talk about enough, because it really really sucks:

Some think we should talk about it a LOT more:

Teigen also shared a photo of herself in medical mesh underwear, which is something a lot of new moms don’t realize they might end up wearing:

Her followers loved it:

Thanks for getting the conversation started, Teigen, because it will haunt all our nightmares forever. 

And may you never change.

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