Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have two adorable kids, and though one is but a wee infant who can’t yet cause much trouble, 2-year-old Luna is basically a mini-Chrissy. The two are a perfect pair, and Teigen is always blessing us with her daughter’s adorable antics on social media.

They’re a great team, which means Luna is already learning how to troll her dad, one of her mom’s favorite pastimes

Like the time she got Luna to help her mock her dad’s resemblance to Arthur the Aardvark:

Luna is learning from the master.

But this new video shows a Luna who seems to have come into her own as a little troll, moving from her internship into professional levels. Posted by Teigen, it shows Luna taking a strong stand against her daddy’s vocal warm-ups.

First, Luna realizes he’s about to start singing and looks at the camera in horror:

Then she stumbles out to do something about it, holding a giant solo cup like she’s a coed at a party trying to get the DJ to play “Call Me Maybe.”

She tries to reason with him politely at first, but he just won’t listen:

So she tries fighting fire with fire, and soon they’re both yelling:

But John Legend triumphed. You don’t survive an entire family of people who mock you at every turn if you can’t brush it off and keep singing. Little Luna was vanquished.

The entire video is less than a minute, but it contains so many, many emotions:

And if you’re wondering if Luna really did learn this from her mama, someone brought the receipts:

And Teigen confirmed she’s had a hand in this confrontation:

A monster to some, pure delight in toddler form to others. Everyone is laughing because Luna doesn’t seem to realize her dad is John Freaking Legend, king of song:

Sad when there’s disharmony over harmonizing in the family. But they seem to have worked it out, because Luna is still tight with dad:

She wants him to stop singing so he can spend more time with her. Probably.

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