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Centenarian Celebrates 107th Birthday And Says The Secret To Living So Long Is Staying Single


Louise Jean Signore just turned 107 years old and has plenty of wisdom to share. Her major piece of advice for a long and happy life? Staying single.

“I think the secret of of 107: I never got married. That’s the secret,” Louise says.

Eating well and staying active also don’t hurt. Louise spends her time playing bingo, dancing, playing bocce ball, and exercising. She also lives on her own and is an inspiration to the woman in her neighborhood who see her around. “She’s got no walking cane, no wheelchair. She does all her shopping. She’s awesome,” her friend Deborah Whitaker says.

Louise is legally blind and suffered a recent bout of pneumonia, but she’s otherwise in pretty good health. “I’m 107 and I just take a high blood pressure pill, that’s all,” she says.

The New York City native touts her Italian heritage along with staying single as the key to her good health. “Italian food is very good for you,” she says. “Good food. No soda, no cake.”

More than 100 people showed up to Louise’s birthday party to celebrate her 107th birthday. Though not quite the oldest living woman in the United States, Louise is close. Alelia Murphy, 114, currently holds that record. Alelia lives in Harlem in New York, which is also where Louise was born. Something in the water? Maybe.

Watch the clip for more of Louise’s wise words and inspirational story.

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