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Celebrities Are Coming Out In Support Of Ellen DeGeneres But A Lot Of People Are Still Skeptical


Back in 2019, Ellen DeGeneres was likely on many people’s mental list of nicest celebrities. And, the reason is that she closes out her show with an effort to always be kind. When you think about the exposure that Ellen has given to young talent through her talk show, it’s easy to see her as a charitable, friendly person. But, according to a large number of those who’ve worked with her, she’s anything but.

The backlash against Ellen has been huge in 2020. And, the facts are enough to make even diehard fans change their opinion on her. Aside from reportedly being nasty to guests that aren’t on the A-list, Ellen has also failed to pay — or properly communicate with — her staff during the worldwide health crisis. At a time when everyone’s afraid to lose their jobs, you’d assume that Ellen would look after the people who made her daytime series such a hit. But, that wasn’t the case. Ellen did, however, hire others to help her with her at-home shows. All in all, staff members were left feeling confused.

While those allegations are serious, they get worse. Sources state that Ellen completely looked the other way when it came to sexual harassment and assault on the set of her show. Many of the producers behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show have been called out for improper behavior. That makes it clear that her set was a terrifying place to work. Ellen, herself, reportedly refused to directly speak to certain staff members. Some weren’t even allowed to look her in the eyes.

But, not all hope is lost for Ellen — at least, according to her. The hashtag of #IStandWithEllen is going viral, but it’s hard to pinpoint how it started. Did the hashtag originate due to her PR team? Or, was it her wife that really started the movement?

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