Cat Eye Makeup: How To Do A Perfect Cat Eye In 6 Simple Steps For Beginners

Yes, applying makeup is hard—especially eye makeup. But you are more than capable of mimicking that cat eye look you recently spotted on that girl across the room in class, or that pop star you can’t help admiring. All it takes is a little dexterity, some patience, and this step-by-step guide for beginners on how to do the perfect cat eye.

Before you even start—before you dare lift that liquid eyeliner up to your beautiful face—take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. Make sure your hands aren’t shaking. Stare into the mirror. Reflect on the look you’d like to achieve. You can do this! 

Step 1

Draw a short diagonal line (about 45°) extending from the corner of your eye up towards your brow. A good rule of thumb is to use the tip of your eyebrow as a focal point in determining the correct angle. If you’re struggling to draw a straight line, position a piece of tape along the edge of your eye and simply trace your eyeliner against it for a clean look.

Step 2

Draw another line starting at about the middle of your eyelid, extending towards the tip of your first line, forming a sort of asymmetrical wishbone.

Step 3

Draw a third line from the opposite corner of your eye and connect it with the second line. Depending on how thick you’d like your cat eye to be, you can connect your third line with the second line at a high or lower point above your eyelid.

Step 4

Now’s the part where we do some coloring! Use your eyeliner to fill in the empty space between the second and third lines. Just channel your inner type-A child and do your best not to color outside the lines!

Step 5

Finally, fill in the empty space between the first and second lines. Again, be super careful not to travel too far outside the lines. Otherwise, your cat eye will look more like a black eye!

Step 6

Keep filling in and perfecting your cat eye until you achieve your desired thickness! Et voila! You’re ready to wow your significant other and /or friends and family with your A-grade makeup skills. Who knew you were secretly a beauty guru? Maybe it’s time you started your very own YouTube channel.

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