We’re just days away from the premiere of Cable Girls‘ third season — but fans are already asking for a Season 4 of the Netflix original series. 

Unfortunately, the streaming platform has yet to announce a release date for a fourth season, but that’s not a reason to worry. Following the success of the first season of Las Chicas del Cable, which centers around a group of telephone operators in 1920s Madrid, Netflix quickly ordered two more seasons of the Spanish show. 

Fans took to social media to hint that actress Blanca Suárez (Lidia Aguilar) confirmed there will be a Season 4 — even if Netflix has yet to release a date. “You guys!!, I just found out some freaking exciting news about Cable Girls. We are getting a Season 4 and 3 isn’t even out yet,” one fan tweeted before another added, “Season 4 of Cable Girls is confirmed!!! Blanca Suarez confirmed it during an interview after an award. I’m so happy, the girls deserve it so bad.”

With a usual eight to nine month span between season premieres, viewers should expect to stream Cable Girls Season 4 from their devices sometime in mid-2019. So, while we wait for Netflix to share the official details, what should you know about Cable Girls before watching the third season, or as Lidia would say, la tercera temporada? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. 


Cable Girls Season 2 recap:

The second season of Cable Girls kicks off on New Year’s Eve 1928 — and Lidia (real name: Alba), whose identity was mistakenly revealed at the end of Season 1  — is still caught in a love triangle with Francisco, her childhood sweetheart (played by Yon González) and Carlos (Martiño Rivas), her former fiancé. Oh, and they all happen to work at the national telephone company. 

However, Lidia’s relationship troubles quickly take a backseat when her girl squad — Marga (Nadia de Santiago),  Carlota (Ana Fernández), and Ángeles (Maggie Civantos) — is forced to work together to cover up the murder of Ángeles’ abusive husband, Mario. After getting rid of the body, Lidia attempts to reconcile with Carlos — who is more focused on revenge and getting her plans for installing telephone booths in the city center. 


Which leads Lidia to go back to her former flame, Francisco, to ask for help ruining Carlos’ scheme — even if she is still in love with him. Did we mention Carlos and Francisco were BFFs? Back to the murder, one Inspector Cuevas is sent in to investigate Mario’s disappearance and soon the cable girls are working to shift the blame onto their former co-worker (and Mario’s ex-mistress), Carolina. 

However, Lidia is not the only one whose life is slowly unraveling. Carlota discovers her secret girlfriend (and boss) Sara’s secret and helps her check into a clinic that promises to help transgender women — only to find out the doctor is only trying to “cure” his patients. And Marga is stuck in a love triangle of her own, with her fiancé Pablo and his ex Marisol, who is clearly in denial that she was dumped. 

To make matters worse for the chicas, police soon find a eyewitness who can place Lidia at the location where Mario’s body was discovered, which prompts Ángeles to get extra close to Inspector Cuevas (if you know what we mean). 


And if that drama is not enough, Lidia decides she is actually in love with Franciso again — only to find out she is pregnant with Carlos’ child. This does not sit well with Carlos’ mom, Doña Carmen — who soon bribes her to get an abortion. What Doña Carmen doesn’t know is that Lidia plans to use the money to pay off the eyewitness to save herself and the cable girls. Easy, right? Wrong. 

Inspector Cuevas discovers the plot, gives Ángeles a head start on getting out of Madrid before she is arrested, and the finale ends with a pregnant Lidia (who is now back in love with Carlos, FYI) being chased off a hospital ledge to avoid the abortion she never wanted. 

So, what can we expect from Season 3? 

From the trailer, fans know Lidia (and her baby) survive the fall and she is seemingly ready to tie the knot with Carlos – but it doesn’t look like she makes it down the aisle thanks to a huge explosion. Oh, and her daughter Eva goes missing. NBD. 


Ángeles is eventually caught and charged with the murder of her husband, but teams up with Inspector Cuevas to go undercover at the telephone company in exchange for her freedom. Plus, Francisco finds a new love interest, who seems to have a sick infatuation with Lidia. What could possibly go wrong? How these ladies manage to keep their 9-to-5’s working the telephone lines still blows our minds. 

New Cable Girls cast members: 

Patricia Peñalver joins as Perla, Francisco’s new love interest — who unsurprisingly looks a lot like Lidia. There is also a new character named Valeria Casini (Luz Cipriota) but very little is known about her storyline. And then there is Spanish actor Lucho Fernández, who joins the cast to play Pedro Guzmán — and judging from the clips, he does not seem to be bringing any good news. 


Don’t forget to download the theme song!

Since Cable Girls withdrawals will be inevitable by the end of the weekend, we recommend adding “Salt” by B. Miles to your playlist to help with that end-of-a-show mood. The entire soundtrack wouldn’t hurt either. Fun fact: Spanish series love featuring English songs, so there is no language barrier there for non-Spanish speaking viewers. 

Start binge-watching Cable Girls Season 3 on Sept. 7 on Netflix. 

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