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Busy Mom With 2 Sets Of Twins Gets A Makeover After Losing 100 Pounds 3 Different Times


Many moms find it difficult to lose the baby weight and reclaim a sense of normalcy. The mother you’re about to meet struggled with self-esteem after giving birth to a set of twins… then getting pregnant again… with another set of twins!

Christina battled with her weight her entire life. At her heaviest, she says she was pushing 300 pounds.

At 14 years old, Christina felt motivated to begin her weight loss journey. She was able to keep the weight off through high school, after which she met her husband and started a family.

The weight started creeping back on. After she had her first set of twins, Christina feared that returning to a healthy weight was impossible.

She lost the weight, but then got pregnant a second time with yet another set of twins.

Christina gained and then lost 100 pounds with each pregnancy.

These days, the busy mom is so focused on her family that she puts her own self-care on the back burner. Since she hates shopping for clothes, she normally wears old jeans and T-shirts.

Christina’s mother, Penny, wanted her to feel good about her self again — so she wrote to the “Rachael Ray Show” to nominate her for a much needed makeover.

When Penny saw her daughter step on stage with her brand new look, she broke down in tears of joy.

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