You’re probably familiar with Blake Lively and her uncanny ability to provide some of the best social media clapbacks and roasts to her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

But she’s not only hilarious in a battle of roasts and wits, people.

If you’ve ever taken the time to just simply read the captions for her Instagram posts, outside of her jocular-comment-feuds, you’d be rewarded with beauty like this.

Now you might’ve thought she was funny before, but 2018’s definitely been her year when it comes to bar-none, funny-as-heck captions.

Like when she was feeling herself, but her daughter was baffled by her choice in clothing.

When she made you feel bad about your crumby commute to work.

There was this wonderfully dirty joke she made at the Deadpool 2 premiere.

When she poked fun at her fashion choices with this school-days throwback.

When she got Anna Kendrick involved in roasting her hubby, Ryan Reynolds.

When she got real about why she’s not hugging you in a photo: her dress matters more.

When she gave in to the fact that she became a basic Instagrammer and sacrificed her wonderful coffee for the perfect photo op.

When she admitted to being out of J. Lo’s league when it came to nailing her trademark “eye look.”

When she was totally not lying about being makeup free.

There was this adorable selfie she uploaded with her mom.

When she basically proved that she second-guesses everything and gets all overly-analytical as much as the next person.

She isn’t afraid to admit when she fangirled hard.

When humble-bragged about her hair braiding skills.

When she shamelessly rocked this jumpsuit straight outta the early 2000s.

When she didn’t care about not being subtle.

And she’s unapologetic about her pastry decorating skills.

And finally, when she dished out on why she really got in the movie-making business.

Best. Instagram. Captions. Ever.

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