When it comes to roasting people on social media, Ryan Reynolds in the top-tier of roasters. Especially when it comes to putting wife and fellow actress, Blake Lively, on the spot. 

The two have known to get into playful spats online from time to time.

Lively gives as good as she gets in the exchanges, much to the delight of everyone on the internet.

Now, as the world of entertainment would have it, Blake Lively is starring in an upcoming film with the also hilarious Anna Kendrick.

If you’re not familiar with some of Kendrick’s finer social media posts, her Twitter account is a treasure trove of comedy.

Now this is most definitely a play to help promote to Lively and Kendrick’s A Simple Favor online, but the two basically teamed up for the ultimate Ryan Reynolds roast in the comments section of Lively’s Instagram post about the film’s release.

She included this amazing caption, suggesting that getting it on with Kendrick really wouldn’t be cheating, seeing as she’s a “hotter, female(r) version” of her hubby.

A comment that Anna was quick to pounce on immediately, resulting in a glorious double call-out of the Deadpool star.

Naturally, people were waiting in anticipation to see when/how Reynolds would strike.

I mean, the man is known for his quick wit and A-1 social media commentary game, so they understandably called him out, expecting a response.

But after such a concentrated, dual-pronged effort, there wasn’t much the man could do but capitulate.

And he did so with grace.

I mean, at that point, it’s all he could do.

Now there’s been plenty of other times Lively righteously got back at Reynolds for his online tomfoolery. Like when she got back at his infamous Birthday Crop photo with this excellent Instagram post.

That’s right, she posted a picture of Reynolds standing with the “other” Ryan, Mr. Gosling. Naturally, she cropped her hubby out of the photo.

Then there was this most excellent Valentine’s day exchange between the two of them, joking about dating apps.

And the time she pointed out that Reynolds was giving some serious looks to his Woman in Gold co-star, the legendary Helen Mirren.

How could anyone forget this “no filter” shot Reynolds uploaded of Lively on Instagram where she was looking particularly less than glamorous.

In Lively’s defense though, I’d take her disheveled look over the monstrosity that was Reynolds’ attempt at baking Christmas cookies any day of the week.


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