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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Alison Monroe Reveals That Her 14-Year-Old Son Has Died


Back in January, Alison told followers that doctors had prepared her for the worst. “What a difference 12 days can look like. I’m so blessed for this kid,” she captioned a collage of pictures showing Joshua’s improvement. “From breathing machine to feeding tube to home eating and drinking [by] mouth. Now playing thumb war watching Netflix and chilling!!!! PRAYER GETS ME THROUGH IT ALL!!”

A month later, Alison cheerfully celebrated her son’s 14th birthday, though his health had noticeably declined. “I’m totally blessed to have the privilege to ride shot gun with you in this journey we call life. You will always be my baby boy in my eyes. I just want to thank God for gifting you to me!! Love you forever kid,” the reality star wrote.

Sky, who’s appeared on Black Ink Crew since Season 1, also expressed her grief on social media, thanking Alison for giving her the chance to “feel motherhood” after she gave her own children up for adoption. “NEVER will I be the same… The purest person that Loved me is really gone I could do no wrong in his eyes…” she shared. “My Heart is Broken.”

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