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Beaten Dog Who Was Tied In A Trash Bag And Left To Die In A Dumpster Finds Home For The Holidays


On December 8, an animal advocate found a one-year-old poodle-terrier mix in a dumpster. The sweet dog, named Chloe, had been abused and tied up in a garbage bag, then thrown in the dumpster and left to die.

Luckily, Chloe was rescued and brought to safety — but she was severely injured. She had a broken leg, multiple rib and skull fractures, and bruising on most of her body. Chloe also had brain swelling.

The young dog was taken to an emergency animal hospital, where she immediately began getting treatment.

On December 14, Chloe underwent surgery on her broken leg. Vets realigned her femur and put in metal plates to help her recover faster.

Officials at the animal hospital say it will probably take months for Chloe to fully heal from her injuries. That said, they’re happy with her progress so far.

Long Beach Animal Emergency Administrator Thomas Babcock said, “We’re thrilled with the success of the surgery and Chloe’s recovery thus far. She will require extensive rehab and healing before she can return to full activity, but continues to eat amazingly well and is gaining weight.”

Many people have already inquired about adopting Chloe, but they don’t want to find her a forever family until she’s fully healed. For now, Chloe will go to a foster home, where she can be cared for by individuals who have specific training in special needs dogs.

Watch the video to see sweet Chloe after her leg surgery!

Footage provided by KTLA Los Angeles

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/abused-dog-chloe-dumpster/