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Barber Gives Back To His Community By Traveling Around To Give Free Haircuts To The Homeless


A Philadelphia barber is giving back to his community by traveling across the city to give free haircuts to the homeless.

“I wanted to give back to the homeless and it was my wife that really gave me the idea to cut a few guys, and I kind of just fell in love with the response,” Brennon Jones said.

Brennon has been a barber for 12 years and now travels around the city to give free haircuts to those in need. Recently, he provided free haircuts as part of a community outreach program with Philadelphia United LLC. and the 14th Police District.

“Today, we’re having free haircuts for the homeless. There’s a gentleman who goes throughout Market Street, Broad Street and cuts homeless people’s hair. So we just wanted to bring something back to the communities,” Fareed Abdullah of from Philadelphia United LLC. said.

At the event, the community could also partake in the free food and entertainment while having the opportunity to casually talk to their neighborhood’s police officers.

“Community engagement. That’s our goal, so we are out here in the community engaging and interacting with the community as we give out these free haircuts, answering questions, any concerns any comments,” said Philadelphia Police Capt. Nicholas Smith.

The mobile barbershop is not only a full-time job for this Philadelphia barber — it’s his passion. “The haircut to me is really just a plus,” he said. “It’s more so about the conversation piece and giving them just a brand new start.”

Watch Brennon give back to his community and see the response from one of the recipients of his generosity.

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