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Banana Diet


If you are part of those who promise yourself every month that they will deal with sport, they will eat healthy, and above all they will fall by weight and in fact do nothing, this is the right diet for you. We are talking about ‘Morning Banana Diet’, a food regimen invented in 2008 by Japanese doctor Kazuyoshi Fujimoto. Although almost 11 years have passed since the diet became popular all over the world, it still remains one of the favorites for thousands of people. Its secret lies precisely on the daily consumption of bananas, one of the richest fruits in nutritional value such as potassium, water-soluble fiber, complex protein, vitamin C. Unlike other diets, which in most cases are almost “Extreme” because they last very long and are poor in nutritional variety, the banana diet does not limit you to almost anything, and it allows you to lose up to 3 kg within 4 days. But not only that, attending this diet at least 2 times a year prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.