Though they stepped away from the spotlight to raise a family, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are back, and they have a new show.  Ashlee + Evan will be hitting your small screen on Sept. 9, and fans will get an inside look into their relationship. 

Not only will we get to see the cute couple in their own home, but the two are taking audiences on a journey through their lives as they balance making a new album together, family life, and a look at what it’s like being a Hollywood couple. 

Anyone who lived through the height of the pop music scene in the mid-2000s was definitely jamming out to Ashlee’s debut album, Autobiography. The formerly jet-black haired beauty seemingly surpassed her sister’s music success by focusing on a more edgy sound. This also isn’t Ashlee’s first rodeo when it comes to reality television. Jessica Simpson’s younger sister was featured on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which showed the ups and downs of the former married couple.


Ashlee also had her own MTV show, The Ashlee Simpson Show. We definitely cannot forget watching her relationship with musician Ryan Cabrera blossom… and then fall apart. Luckily, the two remain friends and even hung out on Memorial Day this past May.

Though this will be Evan’s first time participating in a reality series, he is definitely used to the spotlight. Hello, his mother is the iconic Diana Ross! With two famous families behind them, we can’t wait to watch the show, and are also [not so secretly] hoping to see a few relatives make cameo appearances.

So, how did Ashlee and Evan actually meet?


The married couple of four years appears to be stronger than ever. The two share a daughter, Jagger Snow, 3, and Ashlee has a son, Bronx, 9, with ex-husband Pete Wentz. So, after ending her marriage to Pete in 2011, how did Ashlee and Evan get together?

The couple appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and the two revealed how they met. “We met at my friend’s birthday party,” the blonde singer revealed. Evan chimed in: “We had a dance off; she tried to beat me. I’m not sure who won.”

When the host jokingly said, “Evan dry humped her all night,” they simultaneously laughed, adding, “Yes, you know the story.” Ashlee continued, “Never got to second base, but the dry hump was cool.”

Well, one night of dirty dancing and the two are now happily married.

Evan planned the sweetest proposal for Ashlee.


In the same WWHL interview, the pair disclosed how their proposal went down… even though it may not have been what Evan exactly had in mind.

The actor/singer revealed: “I was shooting Hunger Games at the time, and I knew she loved Hawaii. I got a house in Hawaii and I flew her out there, and it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d planned, but it was amazing nonetheless.” He explained, “There was a spider on the wall.”

Ashlee interjected, “No, it was a tarantula, and you told me to look up. He’s like, ‘Oh look up look at the bug on the’… and then he got on his knees.”

Apparently the spider was not the only creature that joined in on their proposal. Evan revealed he’s terrified of spiders and wanted Ashlee to move away from the stove where the spider, which was apparently as big as her head, was positioned.


Ashlee continued, “When you asked me to marry you there was this …” Evan then reminded his wife, “No, it was a lizard.” She then laughed at the memory, “Yeah, it was a lizard. ‘Look up at the lizard or whatever.’ I looked up at the lizard …” 

Diana’s son concluded, “And then I was on one knee.” The mother-of-two gloated, “Best day of my life!”

What happened between Ashlee and Pete Wentz?


Before Evan walked into her life, Pete, the father of her son and Ashlee were married for three years before pulling the plug in 2011. The Fall Out Boy singer got candid about his previous marriage in a 2015 interview with Howard Stern.  

Explaining to the radio host how he became “Mr. Mom” after his popular band took some time off. He continued to reveal how he felt depressed. “We were both really young. Being too young…I think there’s an important thing where you know how to fight. You can fight with somebody but it’s not the end of everything. But if you don’t know how to have those arguments then they become nuclear. And we were doing this all in the public eye, which you know doesn’t help,” he said.

Though the two ended things, they remain on good terms to co-parent their son, Bronx. 

Catch the season premiere of Ashlee + Evan on Sept. 9 on E! at 10p.m EST. 

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